Los Angeles Ring Festival 2010

Seminar at MSMC about the LA Ring Festival 2010

Two Seminars on the “Two Rings”

Two seminars are now open for enrollment:

– a 2-day seminar on June 11 & 12, 2010 open to the general public via ticket sales
– a 4-month graduate seminar from January to April in the 2010 Masters in Humanities program at Mount St. Mary’s College

Both seminars take place on the Doheny campus (downtown Los Angeles). Both seminars are called “Two Rings: Wagner & Tolkien.” The June 2010 seminar is a compressed version of the 4-month graduate seminar.

Here is the downloadable syllabus for the 4-month graduate seminar. Information on admission to the graduate program is here. This graduate seminar meets all-day on six Saturdays from January to May and focuses on the myth and imagery of the Ring in the epics of Tolkien and Wagner, in Norse sagas and 20th-century fantasy.

The 2-day seminar is on June 11 & 12, 2010 (9 am – 4 pm) and welcomes all opera and fantasy fans who wish to discuss the Two Rings. The college campus will host the lectures and discussions in the historic gardens of the Doheny campus in downtown LA. Sign-up for the June 2010 seminar does NOT require admission to the Masters Program but is open to members of the general public who have purchased tickets. Information and tickets (Paypal) for the 2-day workshop / seminar is at: http://www.msmc.la.edu/ringseminars

For more information on either or both seminars, email Dr. Mike Heim: mheim@msmc.la.edu or mike*at*mheim.com


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YouTube video contest – Golden Ring of Festival

Another way to generate excitement for the Ring Festival  would be to go for the “golden ring” of viral pass alongs, — YouTube videos.  What if the Festival held a YouTube video contest in which people are challenged to re-enact or give their modern day interpretation of an iconic Ring scene.  Prizes could be dinner at Patina (Festival partner) or tickets to the Griffith observatory (Festival partner).

Can’t you see and hear the Ride of Valkeryre?

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Brainstorming for Festival ideas….

One of my favorite ideas comes from Brenda, who in a recent brainstorming session wrote: 

Sidewalk Opera – Street performances of signature scenes with characters in full costumes singing to passer-bys with signage and handouts about The Ring. Street team performances intersecting with people as they go about their weekend shopping/walking/life will surprise and delight the viewer. By exposing Angelinos to 5-minute segments of the Opera, the Festival will create awareness and word-of-mouth buzz. How many people can say that the saw a little live opera today? (Such street performances have also worked very successfully in Las Vegas and other tourist destinations) to drive visitors to sign up on the spot for shows. ) Venues should be chosen that have high concentrations of people who if enticed would be likely to go to the opera. Locations could include: The park at Century City, Montana Blvd, Sunset Strip, LA Live, The Grove, Glendale Americana 

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