Los Angeles Ring Festival 2010

Seminar at MSMC about the LA Ring Festival 2010

Brainstorming for Festival ideas….

One of my favorite ideas comes from Brenda, who in a recent brainstorming session wrote: 

Sidewalk Opera – Street performances of signature scenes with characters in full costumes singing to passer-bys with signage and handouts about The Ring. Street team performances intersecting with people as they go about their weekend shopping/walking/life will surprise and delight the viewer. By exposing Angelinos to 5-minute segments of the Opera, the Festival will create awareness and word-of-mouth buzz. How many people can say that the saw a little live opera today? (Such street performances have also worked very successfully in Las Vegas and other tourist destinations) to drive visitors to sign up on the spot for shows. ) Venues should be chosen that have high concentrations of people who if enticed would be likely to go to the opera. Locations could include: The park at Century City, Montana Blvd, Sunset Strip, LA Live, The Grove, Glendale Americana 


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  1. Brenda Lynch says:

    On this topic of brainstorming festival ideas, I have been thinking about and wondering how do we encircle a city as large and diverse as LA and engage its population in a cultural event? The challenges are many and can be a little overwhelming.

    The sheer geographic size of the city with its numerous neighborhoods poses the problem that we do not have an easily accessible city center in the European sense. We have neighborhoods and suburban meeting places, but not one place or plaza that is Los Angeles.

    However, if there is one common language for LA it is the language of pop culture. We love our movies, TV shows, music … in a word we love our entertainment. But our entertainment is mass-consumption. We expect (and demand) that our entertainment be vibrant, easily accessible and short in duration. Our attention span follows the time slots of a 30-minute TV show or a 1½-hour movie. The depth and length of the Ring cycle seems to be the antithesis of our typical way of engaging with entertainment.

    But what if we use the power of viral online communities to outreach and impact the disparate groups in LA. Since people engage on the Internet based on their personal interests and needs, the Ring Festival could tap into various “passion points” as the lure Angelinos into the fold.

    We could infiltrate Meet-up, Eventful and Craig’s List to find groups with affiliated purposes, such as German clubs, Music, theater, etc. and send out special invitations to participate in the Festival events. Besides intersecting with existing online communities, what if the Festival started its own online gathering places by creating Ring communities on FaceBook, Gather.com (in the music, concerts and entertainment groups) and other online sites?

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