Los Angeles Ring Festival 2010

Seminar at MSMC about the LA Ring Festival 2010

Festival Begins

Ring Festival Plans 2010 Party for Los Angeles

Yesterday evening, February 18th 2009, on the 21st floor of a skyscraper at 811 Wilshire Boulevard, the Los Angeles Ring Festival was launched. Representatives from 50 cultural institutions listened to Barry Sanders, Festival leader, describe the Festival plan that begins with the first performance of the Ring of the Nibelung at the L.A. Opera this week and that culminates in a party for the city of Los Angeles in the spring of 2010. A celebration of the imagination, he said, can bring our city through difficult times not only with opera but also with many local projects and exhibits that will celebrate the Ring myth. The event was hosted by Los Angeles Magazine. 


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  1. Barry Sanders says:

    We, at the LA Opera, were delighted that Dr. Michael Heim of Mt. St. Mary’s College was among those at the launch event for the Wagner Festival LA on February 18. Mt. St. Mary’s is a valued part of the Festival. This Festival will be a signal event in LA’s cultural life. It will lead up to the Opera’s ground-breaking performance of the Ring throughout June 2010, and build public interest for those performances and for the LA Opera here and abroad. Moreover, it will be the biggest cultural festival in Los Angeles since the Olympic Arts Festival of 1984. That festival brought companies and art forms from around the world to LA audiences. 25 years later we have matured to where we can bring audiences from around the world to the companies and art forms we have here. Quite a change!
    The Festival will serve other important objectives, too. It will set a model for collaboration among our cultural, artistic and educational institutions that will help tear down the walls that separate them. For example, LACMA, MOCA, the Getty and the Norton Simon Museum are all participating in this one enterprise. By having Wagner’s influence be the subject of performances and discussions in everything from the Huntington Library to the LA Public Library branches and the DaKah Hip Hop Orchestra we will take Wagner out from under the chandeliers of the Music Center to all corners of the City and all types of people. You won’t need a ticket to participate. We will democratize the opera, as it was a people’s art form in the 19th Century. Finally, we will celebrate all over town from April 15 to June 30, 2010. Given the way the economy is going, we feel that throwing a party for all Angelenos in Spring 2010 will be just the tonic we will all need. Join us!

  2. laringfestival says:

    Thanks for the generous comment, Barry Sanders. We’re honored to have you on our blog.

  3. Brenda says:

    Tonight is opening night for Das Rheingold, setting the stage for the biggest cultural festival in LA since 1984 Olympics. All day I have been hearing about the opera on NPR… wishing the best to the first in the cycle.

    Hope we gain a growing number of Ring fans who will participate in the 2010 Ring Festival. I echo Barry’s wish for others to join us.

  4. blynch816 says:

    As Mark Swed said at the end of his Los Angeles Times review of Das Rheingold, “the adventure has, indeed begun. …the production could also prove an incredible artistic stimulus for Los Angeles.”

    In his words I hear a call for The Ring Festival to continue this momentum and creative energy…

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